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If you have experienced a BUSINESS SETBACK, FAILURE, DIVORCE or
You're Facing a Cross-Roads in Life, 

And you are super hungry to get it all BACK!
Stay with me for a few minutes…  
I'm going to show you the strategies that 100’s of Men (including me)
Have used to architect a MASTERFUL COMEBACK
from the pits of Disaster and Despair!
Dear Entrepreneur, Business Owner, & Gentleman:
Why should you care what I have to say?

Brother, I have ridden a roller coaster from the highest high - $998,000 per month - to wondering if my truck would get towed, while I was sleeping in it.

So, if you can relate to losing a LOT, and needing to figure out how to mount a comeback, then this is specifically for you.

If you've been married or with the 'love of your life', and that ended, leaving you devastated or confused, then this is specifically for you. 

If you know the fear and confusion that you have to press down every day just to take one more step...

And you're TIRED OF IT and DONE WITH IT..

Then this is specifically for you.  

If you're ready for a comeback, NOW IS YOUR TIME.

And I want to show you how.

Now, if you're thinking: "Yeah right, I've heard it all before", well, Brother, I'm right there with you. Everyone and their uncle has the 'next great thing', but no one seems to want to lend you a dime for a cup of coffee (how's that for an outdated phrase).
I'm going to show you how I did it, and how other men are doing it. Give me just a few minutes of your time and I promise you'll find value in it.
First, I want to talk about success. I mentioned a moment ago my massive personal income. 

That's success, right? Plenty of money. Do what you want. Above the law. 


How does a man go from having way too much of everything to having not enough of anything? 

This is the first question you have to ask, and then really see the answer. 

And the answer, for me, was ugly. 

I had been building this massive fortune, but I had been selling out on my soul…

And the more 'successful' I became (in terms of money) the more bitter, exhausted and even angry I was.

It made no sense to me… I couldn't figure it out. Why was all of this 'success' so bad for my spirit?

I became difficult to be around…

I made the mistake so common to men – I would shut down and run away.
By doing that I hurt others around me, my own family. 

I became the MOST successful LOSER you've ever seen.

I had it all...

Except my well being...

Except Love...


What I had is what society told me that a MAN should have.


Scratch that...

So, deep down inside, my life force naturally wanted to send me a message:

"Knock knock. Are you listening? You haver everything BUT what money cannot buy.

And that deep down wisdom that I didn't want to listen to did what it had to do. It orchestrated my fall, so that I couldn't lean on the trappings of money and success to justify myself. 

It forced me to deal with me.  

And I had to start developing something more real that would allow me to rebuild my 

financial success in harmony with the more important things in life.

Things like connection and love...

Personal health and well being...


And social values.

No, you don't have to be broke to have these things.

But having money without these things is being rich, but BROKEN.

And your life force doesn't want that for you.

Your life force wants you to be free and happy. As such, it's perfectly delighted to unleash your capacity for financial freedom.  

But not at the expense of deeper values. Not at the expense of miserable relationships – or no real relationships at all.

Now, I consider myself very lucky and blessed. 

Because I got it. I found the source and I turned it around.

There is a CODE to crack if you want to be fully self actualized as a Man…

And by accepting help, and whatever grace or good luck came my way, I cracked it
If you want a better way Gentlemen, you’re in the right place.

I’ve come to realize that NONE of my suffering was necessary. It all could have been much, much SIMPLER.

Our lives don’t have to break down, fall apart or get difficult in ORDER to get better.

But for so many of us, that ship has already sailed. There HAS BEEN a break down. And we need a way back.

I have turned this around for myself, and I've help 100's of other Men to turn it around, so I know what I'm telling you is true. It works.

After 3 years of HELL:
...a nasty divorce and tremendous financial loss 

...a heartbreaking struggle for child custody and fear of losing my children's affection

...a struggle to create entirely new financial resources while having to adjust to a severe diminishment of lifestyle

...a loss of my sense of self, my health and well being, and my connection to the world
After all that, I found my way home.

...I built a new relationship based on our shared values and true intimate partnership.

...I have an awesome relationship with my awesome children as well as additional children from my new partner.

...I have a strong healthy body and positive mindset that wakes me up early to exercise and hit business.

...I've restored my financial abundance, now balanced with the other important elements of my life.

...And I have the privilege to reach out to help other Men through difficult transitions and back into the abundant life that's your birthright.

So let's get out of the abstract and into the practical. That's what you're here for.

Proof This Training Works:
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners will greatly benefit from Carl’s abilities, experience and effectiveness in achieving goals. We generated over $2 million dollars together. 
Bankrupt to Billioniare ~ Bill Bartmann 
(USA Today 23rd Wealthiest Man in USA)
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